Jars of organic baby puree with spoon

Tips on Making Homemade Organic Baby Food

Ready to serve organic baby food is upsettingly costly, but the price is not a reason to turn away from living a healthy life. You could save a lot by cooking using organic products at home. If you know a few tips, you will find the cooking process easy and both you and your baby will like the result. Organic Baby ‘N Things will visit this important subject today.

  • Mind the hygiene.
    Start preparing each meal with clean hands, rinse your fruits and vegetables with water before you cook. Make sure your cooking table and your utensils are clean.
  • Choose steaming, boiling and baking.
    Frying is not an option for babies. Also, steaming allows you to save all the vitamins in the food.
  • Cook your fruits.
    Apples and other hard to chew fruits have to be cooked in advance, even if you have a blender. Also, this way, apple juice won’t bother your kid’s stomach.
  • Add milk.
    If you are breastfeeding, consider adding some breast milk into baby’s food. That won’t hurt and will make the consistency smoother. But remember, you have to blend food less thoroughly over time, so your baby adjusts to other products.
  • Mix them up.
    Babies tend to like warmer colors, like orange and yellow. So try to mix green vegetables with orange/yellow/red ones.
  • Don’t give up.
    You might notice that your baby doesn’t express much interest in the food or doesn’t want to try it.

When you’re cooking organic for your baby, remember that you have to avoid some products, as they are not safe for your baby. Those include strawberries, honey and eggs.